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After living a life full of travels and adventures Roeper started her creative career with a assemblage of plywood. Already at early stage in her live she possessed her passion to creating something out of nothing. Her eyes peer open as she passes by trash piles. She can and will use anything : "You stumble upon what you need in the street". As sort of trash junky. Always on the move and on search for flea markets. Everyting can be a source of inspiration, especially her adventurous past. Every picture tells a story, as can be seen in "Blind Date" and "Once Upon a Time". These pieces relate to the period when she lived in the mountains of Switzerland. After this period she attended the Kunstgewerbeschule in Basel where her preferred disipline was sculpture. Welding and modeldrawing were also part of her study. Later, back in Amsterdam she met Henk Op ten Berg, a teacher from the Minerva Academy who mentored her and who's main discipline was sculpture. It is in his atelier that Roeper originated her first sculptures. Windhondje ('Little Wind Dog') was created from leftovers collected there. After a year searching different materials she was invited to have her first exhibition of sculptures and drawings. From there on Roeper focused more and more on sculpting.